Any Member may introduce guests "visitors" to the Club, provided that the vistors application for membership has not been declined and the Member is a paid up member in the current season.


The Member introducing a guest must enter the name and address of the guest together with his own name in a book which must be kept on the Club's premises, alternatively the Member must text 0718 458 9090 in advance with the name and telephone of the guest and the times they are expecting to play.


No one may be admitted as a guest on more than three occasions in any calendar year.


Guest fees are £3 per visit payable in advance when a committee member is available or passed to a committee member at the earlist convenience.


Members have to be present at all times with their guest unless arrangement has been made with the Chair.


Guest must behave, dress and mat the courts as per a normal members. Attention must be paid for appropriate footwear.


We have just had delivery of four hoodies for the junior team - photos will be up soon. They look ace.