Playing Rules

Playing Rules - Season 2007

Some of this information is out of date at this moment, but is generally OK.

Download the pdf file here.



  1. Recognised tennis attire must be worn on court. A plain white T-shirt / track suit / joggers / fleece etc. are all permissible. Football shirts, jeans and other attire unsuitable or unsafe for use on a tennis court should not be worn.
  2. Only correct footwear may be worn on the courts: shoes with ridged or studded soles will not be permitted as they are likely to severely damage the courts.

Care of Courts

  1. Following rain, care should be taken not to start play on the courts if they are "too wet" (to avoid damaging the court surface and to limit the risk of personal injury). An indication that a court is too wet is that it will have become soft or slimy, and may appear "sticky" when trodden on. Likewise, if the courts become too wet during play, please stop play to avoid damaging the court surface and the risk of personal injury.
  2. Members are asked to "water" the courts before play whenever they think they are becoming dry. On rare occasions, a court may start breaking-up if too dry. On such occasions, members are requested not to use the court and should report the problem to a Club Officer or the Grounds man.
  3. After completion of any match or set, members are required to 'drag' the court with the mats provided, unless other members plan to use the court and formally relieve those members of the requirement so to do. The entirety of the playing surface should be dragged: from the net to the back fencing. If rain has led to the court surface being very wet or puddled, members are excused from dragging their court, although if the onset of rain is gradual members should make every effort to stop play in time to drag the courts before they become too wet for this to be effective.
  4. If no members remain, the last people to leave must ensure that the gates to the courts and door to the Pavilion are all locked and the lights switched off. Always leave the nets on the courts at the correct height and, if it is present, remove the winder and return it to the Pavilion. (The net is left at the correct height to prevent any likelihood of damage being caused by over-tightening.)



All members:

  1. Should act courteously to other members or visiting players
  2. Should ensure that their behaviour it appropriate: bad language will not be tolerated; noise must be kept to an acceptable level
  3. Should not walk behind the court whilst a point is in progress on that court, (e.g. to access another court or to retrieve a ball), either inside or outside the fencing surrounding thecourt,
  4. Should return balls which have passed from another court onto or behind their court - either by rolling them to the back netting behind the court or passing to the nearest player between points;
  5. Should not retrieve any balls hit into neighbouring gardens without the explicit permission of a resident of that property;
  6. Must not bring footballs or bikes onto the court.


  1. Keys to the Pavilion and Courts are available to all Full Members from the Club Chair and selected other Club Officers. A deposit of £5.00 is payable for the two keys. (£2.50 each)
  2. Any player playing in an Open, Ladies or Mixed match shall pay a match fee to cover balls and other incidentals. The match fee is set at £2 for adults and £1 for juniors, students and those registered unemployed.
  3. Once issued, all members should carry their membership cards with them at all times. Any member can request that another player produce their membership card. Should they be unable to produce it they would normally be asked to leave the court. Any member found lending their membership card to another individual shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Management Committee. Any repeat offender is liable to expulsion from the Club.
  4. A member may introduce a guest to Crosshill Tennis Club according to Rule 14 of the Club Rules. The fee will be £3 per day (£1 per day for juniors) and any guest shall have the same rights as a corresponding Full or Junior Member (as appropriate) on that day.
  5. However, during formal coaching sessions or Open Days, the Management Committee may open the courts to non-members without charging a guest fee. Any member introducing a guest is responsible for:
  • recording the name of the guest
  • ensureing the correct attire is worn (including footwear)
  • the courts are matted and left if a fit state for the next match
  • visitors fees are collected and passed to a committee member

On rare occasions, special events may be arranged and authorised by the Management Committee and which may impinge on normal Club activities. Although few, they will be well advertised on the Club notice-board so that members are encouraged to note these.


The Management Committee reserves the right to alter of amend these Playing Rules if it is considered that changes are required due to prevailing circumstances. If changes are likely to have a significant impact on the Club, such changes will be put to an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting, although they may be introduced on a temporary basis until such time as a meeting can be arranged.



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